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Featured news in this section is focused on health and wellness. It includes articles of interest to brokers who want to stay healthy as well as employer programs to help employees stay healthy, state health rankings, fitness trends, etc.

Watching Live Sports In Person May Be Good For You, Researchers Say

Feeling dissatisfied and lonely? You might want to snag tickets to a few of your favorite team’s games. New research connects viewing live sporting events with higher levels of life satisfaction and lower levels of loneliness – and researchers say live sporting events could be used to improve public health. The study, published in Frontiers ...

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Caffeine, The Wonder Drug? Study Suggests More Coffee Could Lower Body Fat And Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

That morning cup of coffee might provide more benefits than just a quick energy boost. New research suggests that consuming higher levels of caffeine could help curb body fat and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Researchers at the University of Bristol, the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and Imperial College in London conducted the study, which was ...

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Losing Weight Is Good For The Heart, Even If You Regain Some Of It

Losing weight — even if some pounds are gained back — may help your heart over the long term, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. The findings may be welcome news to those who have found it difficult to keep weight off and feared the risks thought ...

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‘Dad Jokes’ Help Kids Develop Into Healthy Adults: Study

A recent study says that despite the embarrassment that “dad jokes” can cause, it might do some kids good in the future. Humor researcher Marc Hye-Knudsen published a study in British Psychological Society‘s journal this week arguing that “dad jokes” actually have a positive effect on development. “When considered properly, dad jokes are an intricately multi-layered and fascinating phenomenon ...

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The ‘Harvard Diet’ May Be The Standard For Living A Long And Healthy Life—Here’s What To Know

You’ve almost certainly heard of the Mediterranean diet and the MyPlate method, but what about Harvard University’s Healthy Eating Plate? Back in 2011, nutrition experts at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health worked alongside researchers at Harvard Health Publications to compile an eating plan for optimal health. “In terms of major chronic diseases like prevention of cardiovascular disease, ...

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6 Ways Your Sandwich Is Trying To Kill You

It might look innocent enough, sitting quietly on a lunch platter, but your sandwich is probably a ticking time bomb, according to dietary experts. Most sandwiches — whether you choose pastrami on rye or a healthy-sounding roast turkey on multigrain bread — are riddled with unhealthy fats, sodium, sugar and carbohydrates, say nutrition experts. And ...

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Google Flexes Its Health Care AI Muscle

Google showed off an array of new artificial intelligence (AI)-driven health care tools on Tuesday, from a souped-up chatbot that can shed light on your medical symptoms to enhanced search features that tell you if a doctor takes Medicaid.

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Prostate Cancer Treatment Can Wait For Most Men, Study Finds

Researchers have found long-term evidence that actively monitoring localized prostate cancer is a safe alternative to immediate surgery or radiation. The results, released Saturday, are encouraging for men who want to avoid treatment-related sexual and incontinence problems, said Dr. Stacy Loeb, a prostate cancer specialist at NYU Langone Health who was not involved in the ...

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Got Muscle Pain From Statins? A Cholesterol-Lowering Alternative Might Be For You

When the FDA approved bempedoic acid, marketed under the brand name Nexletol, back in 2020, it was clear that the drug helped lower LDL — “bad” cholesterol. The drug was intended for people who can’t tolerate statin medications due to muscle pain, which is a side effect reported by up to 29% of people who take statins. What was unknown until ...

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Can’t Take Statins? New Pill Cuts Cholesterol, Heart Attacks

Drugs known as statins are the first-choice treatment for high cholesterol but millions of people who can’t or won’t take those pills because of side effects may have another option. In a major study, a different kind of cholesterol-lowering drug named Nexletol reduced the risk of heart attacks and some other cardiovascular problems in people ...

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