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Featured news in this section is focused on health and wellness. It includes articles of interest to brokers who want to stay healthy as well as employer programs to help employees stay healthy, state health rankings, fitness trends, etc.

Small Self-Improvement Changes You Can Make To See A Big Difference In Your Health And Happiness

Self-improvement starts with simple changes you can easily implement in your life. Trying to make too many changes all at once is unlikely to be sustainable. When it comes to self-improvement, a big part involves creating goals, and then figuring out how you are going to reach those goals. While there are many different roads ...

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5 Great Ways That Morning Exercise Can Set You Up For A Better Workday

Squeezing in time for a workout isn’t always easy in a work, family or school balancing act — but fitness pros explain that making exercise a priority provides both physical and mental health benefits. The advantages of early workouts range from boosting your energy, to getting a positive mindset to benefiting from prolonged health benefits including better ...

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Short Naps Can Improve Memory, Increase Productivity, Reduce Stress, And Promote A Healthier Heart

Napping during the day is an ancient custom that is practiced worldwide. While some people view napping as a luxurious indulgence, others see it as a way to maintain alertness and well-being. But napping can come with drawbacks as well as benefits. As an orofacial pain specialist, I have extensive education in sleep medicine and ...

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Apple A Day — And 4 Other Great Fall Food Choices That Are Healthy, Delicious And Fun

The fall festivals that lie ahead this year not only serve up festive fun — they also serve up some healthy and delicious dishes for everyone. Autumn is a wonderful time of year to take advantage of fresh produce that can provide essential vitamins and health benefits, medical experts advise. “Fall is a great time to ...

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When You Think About Your Health, Don’t Forget Your Eyes

I vividly remember that late Friday afternoon when my eye pressure spiked and I staggered on foot to my ophthalmologist’s office as the rapidly thickening fog in my field of vision shrouded passing cars and traffic lights. The office was already closed, but the whole eye care team was there waiting for me. One of ...

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Scientists Finally Discover Why Exercise Cuts Alzheimer’s Risk, Study Says

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital believe they’ve discovered the hormonal link that allows exercise to reduce Alzheimer’s disease risk—the last affirmation that the best known way to combat the disease is by staying active. KEY FACTS In a study published Friday in the journal Neuron, the researchers found that the hormone irisin, which circulates through the ...

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‘Laughter Therapy’ Is Shown To Reduce Heart Disease Risk In Brazilian Study: ‘Exciting To See’

Laughter has been called “the best medicine” for many decades — and now there’s scientific proof. A study from the Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre in Brazil has shown that regular chuckling expands heart tissue and promotes the flow of oxygen in the body, thus reducing the risk of cardiac disease. “Laughter therapy” was also ...

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How We Age—and How Scientists Are Working to Turn Back the Clock

Scientists obsessed with aging are sketching a road map of how our bodies change as we grow old in the hopes that it will lead to treatments that could help us live longer, healthier lives. They call this road map the “hallmarks of aging”—a set of biological features and mechanisms linked to our inexorable march ...

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Fruit And Vegetable ‘Prescriptions’ May Lead To Better Heart Health

When doctors and health-care providers “prescribed” fruits and vegetables, patients ate more produce, lost weight and experienced significant reductions in blood pressure, according to a new study. “Produce prescriptions” are part of a growing effort in health care to provide food as medicine to potentially prevent or improve chronic health conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease ...

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Three Shots for Fall: What You Need to Know

Most Americans have had one or more shots of the flu and Covid vaccines. New this year are the first shots to protect older adults and infants from respiratory syncytial virus, a lesser-known threat whose toll in hospitalizations and deaths may rival that of flu. Federal health officials are hoping that widespread adoption of these ...

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