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Featured news in this section is focused on health and wellness. It includes articles of interest to brokers who want to stay healthy as well as employer programs to help employees stay healthy, state health rankings, fitness trends, etc.

Like To Bike? Your Knees Will Thank You And You May Live Longer, Too

We are in the middle of National Bike Month, and cycling enthusiasts love to talk up the benefits of their favorite activity. “It’s definitely my longevity drug,” says Brooks Boliek, 65, an avid cyclist of many decades, who used to commute to his office on a bicycle. A substantial body of evidence supports the health benefits ...

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A Healthy Lifestyle Can Mitigate Genetic Risk For Early Death By 62%, Study Suggests

Even if your genetics put you at greater risk for early death, a healthy lifestyle could help you significantly combat it, according to a new study. That risk could be mitigated by about 62% in people with a genetic predisposition, said lead author Dr. Xifeng Wu, dean of the School of Public Health at Zhejiang ...

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Can Yogurt Reduce The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes?

Sharp-eyed grocery shoppers may notice new labels in the dairy aisle touting yogurt as way to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. That’s because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently said it’s OK for producers of yogurt to make that claim — even though the agency acknowledged that it’s based on limited evidence. ...

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8 Bad Habits That Make You Age Faster, According To Experts

We can’t slow down time — but we can slow down its effects on us, according to experts. The key is to make healthier choices in the areas that we can control — and that starts with breaking bad habits. “One of the primary hallmarks of aging is accumulated cellular damage that leads to organ dysfunction and, ...

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A Cheap Drug May Slow Down Aging. A Study Will Determine If It Works

A drug taken by millions of people to control diabetes may do more than lower blood sugar. Research suggests metformin has anti-inflammatory effects that could help protect against common age-related diseases including heart disease, cancer, and cognitive decline. Scientists who study the biology of aging have designed a clinical study, known as The TAME Trial, to test whether metformin ...

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Less Than Half Of Americans Say They Get Enough Sleep, New Poll Shows

If you’re feeling — YAWN — sleepy or tired while you read this and wish you could get some more shut-eye, you’re not alone. A majority of Americans say they would feel better if they could have more sleep, according to a new poll. But in the U.S., the ethos of grinding and pulling yourself ...

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9 Foods To Help Lower Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease. If that weren’t alarming enough, roughly half of Americans have high blood pressure. Fortunately, it’s possible to lower blood pressure (and prevent it from rising to unhealthy levels in the first place) through diet and lifestyle habits. If you want to eat ...

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How Exercise Strengthens Your Brain

Growing up in the Netherlands, Henriette van Praag had always been active, playing sports and riding her bike to school every day. Then, in the late-1990s, while working as a staff scientist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, she discovered that exercise can spur the growth of new brain cells in mature mice. ...

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Popular Weight-Loss Strategy May Raise Risk Of Cardiovascular Death

A popular weight-loss strategy that limits the hours during which calories can be consumed might nearly double a person’s long-term risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, new research finds, especially among people with underlying cardiovascular disease or cancer. But questions remain about just how time-restricted eating, which limits calorie consumption to part of the day, ...

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Interacting With Dogs May Affect Multiple Areas Of The Brain, Study Finds

If you decompress by playing with dogs or checking their adorable videos on social media, you might be onto something. Interacting with dogs in such ways may strengthen people’s brain waves associated with rest and relaxation, as measured by brain tests, according to a small study published Wednesday in the journal PLOS One. Multiple studies have shown the ...

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