Gov. Jerry Brown Signs $171-Billion State Budget

June 28, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown approved a state budget during a busy Monday in the Capitol, where lawmakers made progress on a $2-billion proposal to shelter the homeless but put the brakes on new energy policies during an acrimonious hearing. Read More

States offer Privacy Protections To Yong Adults On Their Parents’ Health Plan

June 28, 2016

The health law opened the door for millions of young adults to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they turn 26. But there’s a downside to remaining on the family plan. Chances are that mom or dad, as policyholder, will get a notice from the insurer every time the grown-up kid gets medical care, a breach of privacy that many young people may find unwelcome. Read More

Feds: More Than 300 Charged In Health Care Fraud

June 28, 2016

Doctors, nurses and pharmacists were among more than 300 charged with health care fraud schemes involving $900 million in false billings in what the Justice Department described Wednesday as the largest such enforcement action in U.S. history. Read More

Higher Earners Face Steep Hikes in Medicare Premiums

June 28, 2016

Nearly a third of all Medicare beneficiaries face a steep increase in their premiums next year, the result of a policy that in certain circumstances requires some beneficiaries, including higher earners, to shoulder the burden of rising costs. Read More

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