High Deductibles Not Sufficient To Change Employee Behavior: EBRI

October 29, 2020

High-deductible health plans might help make members more selective early in their plan year, but once they meet that deductible, all bets are off. A report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute shows that the likelihood of using low-value health services increases by as much as 83% once plan members meet their deductible. That includes services like cancer screenings below recommended ages, imaging for uncomplicated headaches, and vitamin D or prostate-specific antigen tests. Read More

California Vaccine Distribution and You

October 27, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom delivered a disappointing message last week for anyone hoping to get a COVID-19 vaccine in 2020: the majority of Californians will likely have to wait to get vaccinated until the second half of 2021. Read More

Medicare And Medicaid To Cover Early COVID Vaccine

October 27, 2020

The Trump administration this week will announce a plan to cover the out-of-pocket costs of Covid-19 vaccines for millions of Americans who receive Medicare or Medicaid, said four people with knowledge of the pending announcement. Read More

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