More Than 80 Percent of Enrollees Qualify for Subsidies Through Nevada Health Link

November 30, 2017

The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Exchange), Nevada’s state agency that helps individuals obtain budget-appropriate health coverage through the online marketplace, Nevada Health Link, continues to offer affordable health plans, amidst the increase in individual market premium rates affecting the current 2018 open enrollment period, which runs through December 15 this year. Read More

Red Flags Raised About Skinny Plans

November 30, 2017

Consumers coping with the high cost of health insurance are the target market for new plans claiming to be lower-cost alternatives to the Affordable Care Act that fulfill the law’s requirement for health coverage. Read More

California and Association Health Plans

November 28, 2017

Just a few decades ago, small businesses in California often banded together to buy health insurance on the premise that a bigger pool of enrollees would get them a better deal. California’s dairy farmers did it; so did car dealers and accountants. But after a string of these “association health plans” went belly up, sometimes in the wake of fraud, state lawmakers passed sweeping changes in the 1990s that consigned them to near extinction. Read More

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