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This broad category includes articles concerning health insurance costs, carrier and health plan news, changing benefits technology, and surveys by the Kaiser Family Foundation and others on employee benefits.

Health Law’s Contraceptive Rule Eased for Business With Religious Objections

The Obama administration issued new rules on Friday that allow closely held for-profit corporations like Hobby Lobby Stores to opt out of providing women with insurance coverage for contraceptives if the companies have religious objections.

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Higher Costs for Obamacare’s New Medicaid Patients

Those new checkups are forcing the government to write bigger checks—at least for now.

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Medicare Plans to Pay Doctors for Counseling on End of Life

Medicare, the federal program that insures 55 million older and disabled Americans, announced plans on Wednesday to reimburse doctors for conversations with patients about whether and how they would want to be kept alive if they became too sick to speak for themselves.

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Blitz Against ObamaCare ‘Cadillac Tax’ Launches

A coalition of K Street health giants are teaming up to fight the ObamaCare tax on high-cost insurance plans known as the “Cadillac tax."

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Medi-Cal Beneficiaries See Gaps In Access to Health Care

Medi-Cal beneficiaries face "significant" gaps in access to care compared with individuals who are enrolled in employer-sponsored health plans, according to a study published by the California HealthCare Foundation, Payers & Providers reports. CHCF publishes California Healthline.

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Uninsured Rate Hits Lowest Level to Date, Boosting ObamaCare

The uninsured rate has dropped to its lowest level since Gallup began tracking the statistic in 2008.

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States Line Up To Scrutinize Aetna’s $33 Billion Humana Deal

U.S. insurance regulators and state attorneys general are lining up to scrutinize Aetna Inc's proposed $33 billion takeover of rival Humana Inc for potential harm to consumers, complicating what is already expected to be a tough and lengthy review by federal antitrust authorities.

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Health Insurer Mergers Will Pressure Pharma Over High-Cost Drugs

As the nation’s biggest health insurers jockey for supremacy, drug makers should brace for added pressure because doctors are likely to face stingier reimbursement over the next few years.

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Assembly To Consider Bill Capping Out-of-Pocket Rx Drug Costs

The Assembly this month will consider a bill (AB 339) that aims to cap out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications, Modern Healthcare reports

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Woes Linger For State Health Insurance Exchange Enrollees

The woes haven’t ended for enrollees who had first-year sign-up troubles through the state’s health insurance exchange.

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