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This broad category includes articles concerning health insurance costs, carrier and health plan news, changing benefits technology, and surveys by the Kaiser Family Foundation and others on employee benefits.

Pharmacy Students Volunteer to Answer Callers’ Medicare Questions

Pharmacy students at Roseman University are volunteering to help Nevada’s Medicare population learn more about their insurance coverage, and a new grant is expected to boost their efforts.

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What’s California’s Prescription for Rising Drug Cost?

In a small room at a neighborhood clinic in Sacramento, a handful of hepatitis C patients wait to see their physician, hoping they’ll be found sick enough to be approved for a cure.

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Undocumented Could Be Allowed To Buy Covered California Health Policy

In a move called both symbolic and practical, the Covered California board took the first step Thursday toward allowing undocumented residents to purchase health plans – with no state or federal subsidies – through California’s Obamacare marketplace.

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Covered California Imposes New Quality, Cost Conditions On Plans

Moving into a realm usually reserved for health care regulators, Covered California Thursday unveiled sweeping reforms to its contracts with insurers, seeking to improve the quality of care, curb its cost and increase transparency for consumers.

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Medi-Cal Expands To Immigrant Children. Here’s How It Works

In a few months, California will begin providing full Medi-Cal coverage to all low-income children — regardless of their immigration status.

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Despite Paying, Some Californians Are Asking Where’s My Health Insurance

It wasn’t until a doctor ordered medical tests for Adriana Vitale that she discovered her Covered California coverage had disappeared. “I was shocked. I was crying. I was depressed,” said Vitale, 61, of Downey.

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Health Exchange Saved Nevadans $1.2M, Executive Director Says

An executive director of a health insurance exchange in Nevada said that the state-based marketplace has helped the region save as much as a million dollars in 2015.

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Officials Emphasize Drug Treatment, Mental Health in Medicaid Push

In its latest effort to get more states to states to expand their Medicaid programs, health officials are emphasizing its role in paying for treatment of opioid abuse and mental health issues.

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Centene Completes Health Net Deal After Protracted Review

It took almost two months longer than expected, but Medicaid insurer Centene Corp. finally closed on its Health Net deal after winning approval from skeptical California regulators. The value of the deal, including debt, has been revised to $6 billion.

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Big Pharma Dumps Big Money Into Fight Against Prescription Drug Measure

Pharmaceutical companies continue to pour cash into their campaign to defeat a California ballot measure that would limit prescription drug prices, a new campaign finance analysis shows.

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