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This broad category includes articles concerning health insurance costs, carrier and health plan news, changing benefits technology, and surveys by the Kaiser Family Foundation and others on employee benefits.

California Sees Largest Drop in Number of Uninsured Children

California has seen the largest decline in the number of uninsured children since the Affordable Care Act took effect, according to a report by Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families, the Public News Service reports (Potter, Public News Service, 10/29). The report was based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey ...

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After Missing Target, County Seeks to Ease Immigrants’ Healthcare Enrollment

After months of debate last year, Los Angeles County officials agreed to pay for 146,000 people in the country illegally to receive medical care through the public health system. More than a year later, however, officials have fallen about 11,000 short of that target, and left more than $20 million of their budget unspent. County ...

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California Targets African Americans And Latinos In New Round Of Obamacare

Covered California still faces major challenges in enrolling African-Americans and Latinos as the state’s health insurance exchange launches its third open enrollment period Sunday. “We know we’ve come up short in who’s enrolled today,” Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee said at a recent media briefing on the exchange’s marketing and outreach plans. “Of those ...

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California And Federal Officials Reach Deal On Medicaid Reforms

California and the federal government agreed in concept Saturday on a $6.2-billion deal to reform the Medicaid program and to help pay for care of the low-income population. The largest share of the funds – nearly $3.3 billion – is aimed at helping public hospitals improve the safety and quality of patient care. The plan, ...

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How Much Does Severe Obesity Cost California? About $9.1 Billion

We know obesity increases your risk of having high blood pressure, getting diabetes and being diagnosed with certain cancers. Now it turns out it can also increase costs for your state government. A study published Monday in the journal Health Affairs found that medical care associated with severe obesity cost state-run health programs $8 billion in 2013. California’s program for the ...

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Officials Launch Bus Tour to Promote California Health Insurance Exchange

The head of California’s health insurance exchange toured Los Angeles by bus Sunday, seeking to publicize the Affordable Care Act’s potential benefits among Southern Californians, many of them Latino, who officials say have failed to take advantage of the law. On the first day of this year’s open-enrollment period for federally subsidized health plans, the ...

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Covered California Signs $12M Call Center Deal, Hiring Blitz Starts

The scramble is on for up to 500 temporary call-center workers to answer questions and help enroll consumers in Covered California. Virginia-based Faneuil Inc., in partnership with InSync Consulting Services in Roseville, won a $12 million contract for the business early this month. Open enrollment starts Sunday at Covered California and runs through Jan. 31, ...

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Nevada Leads Nation in Cutting Rate of Uninsured Children

Nevada saw the sharpest decline of any state in the rate of uninsured children from 2013 to 2014, according to a report released Wednesday. However, the Silver State still remains among the five states with the highest uninsured rate in the country with a 9.6 percent, or 63,732 children, in 2014, the Georgetown University’s Center ...

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Third and Goal: NV Health Exchange Tackling Key Issues As Enrollment Nears

Two years into the grand experiment of setting up Nevada’s first health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act, the state is banking on one hard-earned prize after surviving its tumultuous launch: normalcy. The switch to a hybrid health exchange last year paid off for the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange in the form of ...

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Marketplace Customers Could See Higher Premiums, No Coverage For Out-Of-Network Care

When the health insurance marketplaces open on Sunday, consumers shopping for 2016 coverage may encounter steeper premium increases than last year and more plans that offer no out-of-network coverage. According to an analysis released Monday evening by the Health and Human Services Department, the cost of the second-lowest silver plan in states using the federal ...

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