Medicare/Medicaid Posts

Health Insurers Propose Subsidies but Shun Government Coverage

April 28, 2020

Health insurers are pushing Congress for more government help in the face of Covid-19—including near total premium subsidies for people who lose their jobs and stay on their employer-sponsored insurance—but they’re steering clear of the next step, full government-sponsored coverage. Read More

Amid Coronavirus Distress, Wealthy Hospitals Hoard Millions

April 28, 2020

Inova Health System, with campuses in some of the wealthiest suburbs of Washington, D.C., and Truman Medical Centers, a safety-net hospital in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, have little in common. But, today, they are confronting the same financial plague: mass cancellations of nonessential surgeries that are their biggest moneymakers while bracing for an expensive onslaught of coronavirus patients. Read More