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News articles in this section include actions by federal regulators like the CMS and HHS, as well as information on Medicare and state Medicaid coverage and benefits.

Biden Urged To Get Tough As Millions Lose Medicaid

Millions of people are being pushed off state Medicaid rolls as the U.S. dismantles one of the last major Covid-era safety nets, and congressional Democrats and health advocates want the Biden administration to do more to ensure people are protected. Nationwide, nearly 5.5 million people have been purged from state Medicaid rolls across 45 states and the ...

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Tribal Health Workers Aren’t Paid Like Their Peers. See Why Nevada Changed That.

Most state Medicaid programs don’t recognize or pay for services offered by health workers, such as Noneo, who work on tribal lands. That’s despite their work being essentially the same as that of “community health workers” in nontribal communities, a classification many state Medicaid programs cover.

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Feds Raise Concerns About Long Call Center Wait Times As Millions Dropped From Medicaid

As millions of Medicaid recipients face the potential loss of health coverage for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic, state call centers are getting inundated with questions from people needing help. In some cases, federal officials say, it’s taking too long to get answers.

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Feds Say Hospitals That Redistribute Medicaid Money Violate Law

The Biden administration wants to crack down on private arrangements among some hospitals to reimburse themselves for taxes that help fund coverage for low-income people. It contends the practice violates federal law. Federal regulators say these arrangements “appear designed to” redirect Medicaid dollars away from facilities that treat the poorest patients to those that “provide ...

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Costliest Medicare Drugs More Than Tripled In Price Since Entering Market: Report

The 25 drugs that accounted for the highest Medicare Part D spending in 2021 more than tripled in price since they first entered the market, according to a new report from AARP.

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DOJ Blasts Industry Attempt To Delay Medicare Drug Price Negotiations

The Department of Justice (DOJ) lambasted the Chamber of Commerce’s request for an injunction to block the Medicare drug price negotiation program, arguing in court filings that the organization had no standing to file the lawsuit and that pausing the program would harm the public. The rebuttal comes weeks before the federal government is expected ...

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Nearly 4 Million In U.S. Cut From Medicaid, Most For Paperwork Reasons

The notice arrived in an envelope stamped “important information,” telling Kristin Fortner she needed to prove that she and her husband still deserved Medicaid. She filled out the form within a week of receiving it this past winter and mailed it back. So she was perplexed by a phone call almost three months later from ...

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What’s A Fair Price For A Prescription Drug? Medicare’s About To Weigh In

Drugmakers around the globe are bracing for a major shakeup in how one of their largest customers does business. On Sept. 1, Medicare will target its first 10 drugs for historic price negotiations. The medications are sure to be among the country's costliest and will likely include common treatments for cancer and diabetes.

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Medicare Advantage Report Shows Enrollees Capitalize On Supplemental Benefits

Most Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollees use one or more supplemental benefits, with most health plan members using multiple benefits, according to a newly released report from the Elevance Health Public Policy Institute.

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Nursing Homes Will Get A 4% Medicare Pay Bump Next Year Under CMS Final Rule

In what the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) today described as a “parity adjustment recalibration,” the agency said it will increase payments to skilled nursing facilities by 4%, or $1.4 billion, starting in fiscal year 2024. The payment bump will, in part, make up for a $2.2 billion underpayment to the facilities as a result of the ...

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