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This broad category includes articles concerning health insurance costs, carrier and health plan news, changing benefits technology, and surveys by the Kaiser Family Foundation and others on employee benefits.

White House Budget Leans Into Drug Pricing, Obamacare Expansion

President Biden’s budget proposal focuses heavily on expanding access to health care and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. In an effort to extend the life of Medicare’s hospital trust fund, the budget proposal would increase the number of drugs that can be negotiated, and allow those negotiations to begin sooner. The plan builds off the Inflation ...

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Economists Warn Of Costs If Medicare Covers New Obesity Drugs

The cost of expanding U.S. Medicare prescription drug coverage to pay for expensive, new obesity medications could be catastrophic, health economists warned in a report published on Saturday. Big-selling diabetes drugs have been repurposed as obesity treatments after demonstrating weight loss of more than 20% in clinical trials. While they are far more effective than ...

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Telehealth Startup Cerebral Shared Millions Of Patients’ Data With Advertisers

Cerebral has revealed it shared the private health information, including mental health assessments, of more than 3.1 million patients in the United States with advertisers and social media giants like Facebook, Google and TikTok. The telehealth startup, which exploded in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic after rolling lockdowns and a surge in online-only virtual health ...

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Medical Tourism To Mexico Is On The Rise, But It Can Come With Risks

One of the four Americans who were kidnapped in Mexico last week was traveling for medical tourism, a friend said. A growing number of US residents are traveling internationally to seek more affordable medical care, more timely care or access to certain treatments or procedures that are unapproved or unavailable in the United States. Latavia “Tay” Washington McGee, 33, ...

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Millennials Are Racking Up More Chronic Health Conditions Compared To Other Generations: Study

Millennials are seeking more professional help for health issues than ever, a new study revealed. Conducted by United Healthcare and Health Action Council, the study explored factors and claims data from policyholders ages 27 to 42 — a total of 126,000 individuals. It compared current data from April 2021 through March 2022 to historical data dating back ...

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Biden To Seek More Than $2.8B From Congress For Cancer Fight

President Joe Biden is asking Congress for more than $2.8 billion in the federal budget he’s sending to Capitol Hill on Thursday to help advance his cancer-fighting goals. More than half of the money, $1.7 billion, would go to the Department of Health and Human Services to support the Democratic president’s cancer initiatives across an array of ...

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Biden Administration Urged To Take More Aggressive Steps To Relieve Medical Debt

Dozens of advocates for patients and consumers, citing widespread harm caused by medical debt, are pushing the Biden administration to take more aggressive steps to protect Americans from medical bills and debt collectors. In letters to the IRS (PDF) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (PDF), the groups call for new federal rules that among other things would prohibit ...

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Cigna Hit With ERISA Class Action Lawsuit For Allegedly Overcharging Members

An ERISA class action suit has been filed against Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co. in Connecticut District Court, alleging the insurer is overcharging for medical services.

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As Cyber Attacks On Health Care Soar, So Does The Cost Of Cyber Insurance

Health systems buffeted by labor and supply chain costs and broader economic woes have another unwieldy financial problem: the soaring costs of cyber insurance.

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Biden Budget Will Propose Tax Increase to Bolster Medicare

President Biden, as part of his budget set for release on Thursday, will propose raising a tax on Americans earning more than $400,000 as part of a series of efforts to extend the solvency of Medicare by a quarter-century.

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