Amazon Offers $49 Telehealth Urgent Care Visits

Amazon has reorganized its medical services options.

The company combined its Amazon Clinic telehealth service with its Amazon One Medical office network.

Consumers with no Amazon membership or subscription can get telehealth urgent care for one of the 30 different conditions, including sore throats, COVID and urinary tract infections, for $49. The company has renamed that service Amazon One Medical Pay-per-visit.

Consumers who pay $199 for a membership can get both telehealth urgent care and fast access to in-person medical appointments, the company says. The medical offices have signed provider network agreements with many insurers, including Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare. Amazon did not say how much they will charge the insurers.

The care providers include physician assistants and nurse practitioners along with doctors of medicine and osteopathic medicine.

For Amazon Prime members, an annual health program membership is $99 per year. The company announced the $99 annual subscription price for Prime members last fall.

The $49 fee Amazon will charge for a telehealth visit without a membership appears to be comparable to what companies like GoodRx charge.

Amazon is expanding its telehealth services and highlighting its in-person offices as some other large companies, including Walmart, are cutting clinic operations.

Amazon notes that the telehealth service has tight limitations on what it can do and may require patients to come in for tests and other services. The company doesn’t want to provide care for earaches or for patients who have had a fever over 103 degrees for an extended period.

The program is not open to people with Medicaid in most jurisdictions, but Amazon is offering financial assistance to low-income members, including low-income members with high-deductible insurance who want an annual membership.

The company is encouraging employers to offer it to employees and Medicare agents to offer it to their clients.

People can give Amazon health program memberships as gifts.


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