How Health Care Factors Into the Presidential Campaign

April 12, 2016

Health care has faded into the background of the election campaign as Donald Trump himself has become the issue on the Republican side and the debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders over health care has shifted to other topics. Health wasn’t even listed among the “most important issues” Republican voters could select from in the exit poll of Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary. Read More

California Hospital Hacks Reveal Weak Links In Health Cybersecurity

April 12, 2016

For 10 days in February, the staff at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center had to treat patients the old fashioned way with pen-and-paper forms, faxes and hand-delivered X-rays. Gone were many of the data-reliant, high-tech tools that have transformed medical care, according to local media reports. Read More

Drug Prices Got You Down? Pharma Couldn’t Care Less

April 12, 2016

One way of defining a "rogue" industry is to see which ones have declared war on their customers. By that measure, pharma stands at or near the top of combining the elements that go into making a rogue: contempt for the public and the unmitigated pursuit of greed. Read More

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