The Big Way Obamacare Helps The Poor Isn’t Really About Their Health

April 26, 2016

President Obama's health-care reform law made government health insurance available to more people living in poverty or near poverty by expanding Medicaid. The hope was to improve people's physical health, but new research shows an important effect on financial health: The law has helped many poor Americans pay off the collection agent. Read More

More Exchange Plans Offer Patients Easier Access To Some Expensive Drugs

April 26, 2016

Some people with cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis have better access to high-cost specialty drugs in marketplace plans this year, yet a significant proportion of these plans still place many expensive drugs in cost-sharing categories that require the highest patient out-of-pocket costs, according to a new analysis. Read More

UnitedHealth to Drop Out of All But a Few Obamacare States

April 19, 2016

UnitedHealth Group Inc., the biggest U.S. health insurer, said it will drop out of all but a “handful” of state exchanges where it sells individual Obamacare plans, acting on concerns it raised last year that it couldn’t turn a profit from the government program that has brought coverage to millions of people. Read More

Panel Would Make Insurers Help Contain Rising Drug Costs

April 19, 2016

An influential federal advisory panel is calling for Congress to force private insurers to rein in rapid increases in prescription drug costs — by cutting some Medicare payments to insurance companies while shielding older Americans from higher out-of-pocket expenses. Read More

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