Understanding Proposition 45 Issues

October 7, 2014

Proposition 45 offers a simple choice for voters: Do they want the state insurance commissioner to regulate health care rates for small businesses and individual health plans? Read More

Bosses Face Affordable Care Act Deadline

October 2, 2014

The clock is ticking for Tommy Cain and thousands of other U.S. employers facing deadlines to make changes to the health insurance they offer their employees under the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Cain has already met one of the law's key requirements: offer health insurance to at least 70% of full-time staffers by 2015, or face penalties. Read More

Hundreds of Thousands Face Health Law Subsidy

October 2, 2014

Lance Shnider is confident Obamacare regulators knew exactly what they were doing when they created an online calculator that gives a green light to new employer coverage without hospital benefits. “There’s not a glitch in this system,” said Shnider, president of Voluntary Benefits Agency, an Ohio firm working with some 100 employers to implement such plans. “This is the way the calculator was designed.” Read More

Debate Grows Over Employer Plans With No Hospital Benefits

October 2, 2014

The total price tag for ObamaCare's main enrollment portal now stands at more than $2 billion, according to a new analysis by Bloomberg Government. The new total, released Wednesday, includes efforts to construct and then fix HealthCare.gov after serious technical problems threatened to shutter the site last fall. Read More

Affordable Care Act Reduces Costs for Hospitals

October 2, 2014

The Obama administration increased the pressure on states to expand Medicaid on Wednesday, citing new evidence that hospitals reap financial benefits and gain more paying customers when states broaden eligibility. Read More

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