Hospital Prices, Not Physicians, Drive Cost Growth, Health Affairs Says

February 13, 2019

The American Hospital Association pushed back on the Health Affairs findings in a statement Tuesday afternoon, saying the authors "use limited data to draw broad conclusions." AHA President Tom Nickels noted that the study uses data from employer-sponsored plans and doesn't include Medicare, Medicaid or Blue Cross Blue Shield claims. Read More

House Republicans Push Medicare for All Hearing While Democrats Stall

February 7, 2019

Republicans are pushing leaders of a key House committee to hold a hearing on Medicare for all, but the Democrats aren't taking the bait. Oregon Rep. Greg Walden, ranking member of the Energy & Commerce Committee, and Texas Rep. Michael Burgess, the lead Republican on the health subcommittee, pressed in a letter this week and at a hearing Wednesday to publicly explore the proposal to create a national, government-run health insurance program. Read More