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Featured news in this section focuses on Nevada, the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Nevada Health Link), the Nevada Division of Insurance (in the Department of Business and Industry), and actions by the state legislature affecting insurance brokers and clients. 

Nevada Health Insurance Co-Op To Shut Down in 2016

Nevada’s health insurance co-op will be closing down on January 1 next year. The co-op was established through the Affordable Care Act and serves as a non-profit insurance organization that is meant to provide consumers with more options when it comes to affordable coverage. The problem, however, is that the co-op has struggled to meet ...

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Nevada Health Link to See Premium Increase in 2016 Health Insurance Rates

The Nevada Division of Insurance said Wednesday that it has approved 2016 health insurance rates for individual and small-group coverage. For small businesses and their employees, premiums will rise an average of 5 percent, the division said. Consumers who buy a plan through the state’s Nevada Health Link insurance exchange will see an average premium ...

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Senate Republicans Seek Gameplan From CMS for Recouping State-Based Exchange Funding

Congressional Republicans are again asking the CMS to come up with a game plan for recouping money given to states for establishing health insurance exchanges that later failed.

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Student Health Insurance Plans Skyrocket at UNLV

UNLV students who get health insurance through the school face sticker shock.

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Tax Filing Problems Could Jeopardize Health Law Aid for 1.8M

About 1.8 million households that got financial help for health insurance under President Barack Obama's law now have issues with their tax returns that could jeopardize their subsidies next year.

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How Obamacare Increased Insurance Coverage in Nevada and Other States

President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) on March 23, 2010, and open enrollment for all Americans began on October 1, 2013.

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Nevada Ranks as One of Top Cost State for Retiree Health

A new app developed by HealthView Services shows Michigan, Florida, Nevada and Maryland as the most expensive states for key components of retirement health care costs.

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Woes Linger For State Health Insurance Exchange Enrollees

The woes haven’t ended for enrollees who had first-year sign-up troubles through the state’s health insurance exchange.

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Medicare Slow To Adopt Telemedicine Due To Cost Concerns

Donna Miles didn’t feel like getting dressed and driving to her physician’s office or to a retailer’s health clinic near her Cincinnati home. For several days, she had thought she had thrush, a mouth infection that made her tongue sore and discolored with raised white spots. When Miles, 68, awoke on a wintry February morning ...

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When Turning 65, Consumers With Marketplace Plans Need To Be Vigilant In Choosing Health Coverage

Before the Affordable Care Act, older adults who couldn’t afford to buy their own health insurance would count the days until their 65th birthday, when Medicare would kick in. Now, 10,000 Americans hit that milestone every day, but for some who have coverage through the ACA’s insurance marketplaces, Medicare may not be the obvious next ...

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