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Featured news in this section focuses on Nevada, the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Nevada Health Link), the Nevada Division of Insurance (in the Department of Business and Industry), and actions by the state legislature affecting insurance brokers and clients. 

Southern Nevada Officials Clarify COVID Changes Post-Public Health Emergency

Just one year ago, the COVID-19 omicron variant was spreading in communities across the United States. That meant increased hospitalizations and deaths, which is why public health officials recommended updated vaccinations along with masking, social distancing and the other pandemic steps we’ve been taking since 2020. Although the federal COVID-19 public health emergency officially ended ...

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Legislature Passes Health Care Stipends For Substitute Teachers

The Nevada Legislature has passed a bill that provides long-term substitute teachers who work for 30 or more days with a $450 monthly subsidy to purchase health care. The state Senate voted 16-4 Tuesday to approve the bill. It passed the Assembly in April by a vote of 31-11. Assembly Republicans Gregory Koenig, Heidi Kasama and Toby Yurek and Senate ...

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Nevada Moves To Shift Medicaid Services To Statewide Managed Care

Through a budget committee vote in May, state lawmakers reversed Gov. Joe Lombardo’s proposed cuts to the state-run public health insurance option popularly called the “public option” — a measure passed during the 2021 legislative session that Lombardo called “bullshit” on the campaign trail. But as part of that meeting, in a move that went ...

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Nevada Medical Malpractice Bill Toxic, Doctors Say

Proposed legislation that would dramatically increase the cap on awards for pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases would intensify a doctor shortage in Nevada, opponents say.

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First Wave of Nevada Medicaid Redeterminations Happening Now

As the state unwinds from the federal public health emergency, the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS)  has begun the reevaluation of all Medicaid enrollments for the first time since 2020 during which you may lose coverage under Medicaid. In April, the first wave of recipients received their renewal packets in the mail. Those who ...

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Expanded Hospital Tax Could Boost Medicaid Rates, Fund Behavioral Health Services

Nevada’s lack of state-supported services for child mental health issues has been described as a “crisis” — underscored by a federal investigation last year revealing that the state’s lack of adequate treatment and services to children and youth with behavioral health disabilities likely violated federal law.

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Nevada Medicaid Warns Of Renewal Scams

Scammers are targeting Nevadans who need to reapply for Medicaid or transition to other insurance, state officials warned Monday.

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AB 250 Is Clear Path To Improve Nevada Rural Health Care

Rural Nevadans, like many Americans in rural communities, struggle with access to quality health care. We are challenged by a lack of hospitals, shortage of health care professionals, long drives to access basic health care services and a growing senior population.

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Medication Prices Could Be Capped Under Proposed Nevada Bill

Assembly Bill 250, sponsored by Assemblywoman Venicia Considine, D-Las Vegas, and Assemblywoman Natha C. Anderson, D-Sparks, would cap the price of certain drugs to rates negotiated by the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

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How Medicare Advantage Could Become A Marquee Issue In Nevada’s 2024 Senate Race

When President Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address to Congress in February, he drew a clear distinction on entitlement spending – his administration had pledged to protect Social Security and Medicare, while congressional Republicans were trying to cut them.

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