NV Health Link Extends Special Enrollment Period, Launches SMS Outreach

Nevada’s marketplace insurance program wants people who no longer qualify for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program to know it has extended its special enrollment period through the end of November.

Russell Cook, executive director of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, encouraged individuals who lost coverage due to Medicaid’s redetermination process to check to see if they are eligible to enroll through Nevada Health Link. He said it takes minutes to find out what type of financial assistance Nevadans could qualify for to lower their monthly premium.

“We do want to emphasize that at a high level, if anyone in your household has lost Medicaid or CHIP coverage starting in May of 2023, you are still eligible to enroll through NevadaHealthLink.com,” Cook pointed out.

Since Nevada Medicaid began redetermining eligibility in April of last year, only about 4% of Nevadans who were deemed ineligible for Medicaid benefits have enrolled in a plan through Nevada Health Link. Cook explained the two main reasons people lost coverage during the unwinding process were because of procedural reasons, meaning Medicaid needed updated information to determine eligibility, or because of an increase in income.

In addition to the extension of its special enrollment period, Nevada Health Link has also launched an SMS texting initiative created to raise awareness and engage Nevadans who no longer qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. Cook described it as a direct-to-consumer approach to simplify the process of selecting affordable health insurance.

“At least through the end of September, probably the end of the year, we are going to be reaching out to these folks who have lost Medicaid coverage, again all the way back as far as May of last year,” Cook emphasized. “So it really helps us reach those folks, if we have an SMS-enabled phone on file, which of course we receive from Nevada Medicaid.”

Cook added it is important everyone have health insurance and receive preventive care, especially children. He warned some health conditions can quickly turn into complicated situations if not taken care of.


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