Kaiser Permanente’s New Era Of Patient Convenience

Narayanan Gopala, chief digital officer of Kaiser Permanente, based in Oakland, Calif., said the health system is enhancing its digital offerings for patients in a bid to make healthcare easier.

Kaiser Permanente recently improved its digital check-in process, allowing patients to fill out pre-appointment forms and make copayments through their Kaiser app before arriving at the medical facility.

The health system also rolled out geolocation technology, a smartphone-based technology designed to pinpoint the location of the user’s device. The geolocation can facilitate wayfinding within the app.

Kaiser’s app also allows patients to have the option to arrange follow-up video appointments and request prescription refills, according to an Oct. 23 news release from Kaiser.

“The future of healthcare means getting care when you need it, wherever you are,” Mr. Gopala said in the release.


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