Keeping Dogs Safe In Southern Nevada Heat

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — We are under an excessive heat warning in Southern Nevada and one thing to keep a mind during our area’s high heat days is dog safety.

I spoke to a veterinarian in the northwest valley about what to look out for to keep pups safe this time of year.

Dr. Neal Villanueva at the Cheyenne West Animal Hospital says the following tips are key.

While all dogs are different, there are reactions to the heat you can look out for.

“Hypersalivation where they are salivating a lot, they are panting they are, they become lethargic, their gums, their mucus membranes will turn really really red, those are some things you want to look out for,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva says with some breeds, this can happen quick — in 10 to 15 minutes. Instead of giving them ice, the best way to help your pup is to spray them with water and then put a fan on them to let them cool off that way.

Even at 105-degree air temperature, the asphalt cab be 155 degrees, and with 115+ degree temperatures expected in the coming days, extreme caution is recommended.

“When you think of taking your dogs outside, think of them as children – you don’t leave them unattended, if it is too hot for you or your kids it is too hot for your dogs,” Villanueva said.

We talked to Madison Gooding while she was enjoying the day at Lone Mountain Regional Park.

“We are at the park with our daughters and we brought our dogs along…we like to come to this park because there is a lot of shade here and we bring water for them,” Gooding said.

With a heat wave in full swing, Madison says she’s keeping 5-month-old Geneva and 3-year-old Luna safe by keeping them away from the intense sun and heat.

“We exercise them early in the morning so they are not out in the heat and their paws don’t burn,” she told us.

Gooding says they are being mindful of the rising temperatures.

“It is supposed to be like 115 in a couple of days, we are probably not going to come out to the park,” Gooding said.

Villanueva says if you do suspect your dog of having a heatstroke, you should seek medical attention, and if your dog is swimming, they should be watched like children.


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