UnitedHealthcare To Make Apple Fitness+ Available In Fully Insured Employer Plans

UnitedHealthcare is making Apple Fitness+ available to millions of members at no cost, the insurer announced Thursday.

Beginning Nov. 1, members in fully insured plans who already own an Apple Watch will be able to sign up for a yearlong Apple Fitness+ subscription for free. This covers about 3 million members across most states, UnitedHealthcare said.

Self-funded employers will have the option to add an “Apple Fitness+ bundle” to their coverage next year, which will provide the subscription as well as a $25 digital Apple gift card to members.

The Apple Fitness+ platform offers studio-style workouts and guided meditations via iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It also incorporates metrics gathered by users’ Apple Watches to track performance and personalize the experience.

“Making Apple Fitness+ available to millions of UnitedHealthcare members is part of our broader effort to help people engage in their well-being and get and stay healthier,” said Rebecca Madsen, chief consumer officer at UnitedHealthcare, in a statement.

“One way to achieve these goals is to help people enhance their fitness, with many individuals turning to on-demand and digital resources to help get or stay motivated. We are pleased to be the first health insurance plan to provide this type of access to Apple Fitness+,” Madsen said.

CVS Health’s Aetna and Caremark have signed on to offer access to Apple Fitness+ to select members.

Members in UnitedHealthcare’s Motion program can also gain access to Apple Fitness+, the insurer said. Motion, which is available to both self-funded and fully insured employers, allows users to earn up to $1,000 per year in financial rewards for completing daily well-being activities and goals such as walking, running, swimming or strength training.

Motion members can put their rewards toward the $9.99 monthly Apple Fitness+ subscription, UnitedHealthcare said.

“We are very excited to work with UnitedHealthcare to bring this offer for Apple Fitness+ to millions of people who are looking to get and stay motivated to live a healthier lifestyle,” said Jay Blahnik, senior director of Fitness Technologies at Apple, in a statement. “With our welcoming trainer team that lead a variety of workouts fueled by music that will keep you going from start to finish, the new guided Meditations coming next week, and the metrics from your Apple Watch right on the screen, Fitness+ has many ways to keep you active no matter where you are on your fitness journey.”


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