Nevada Vaccination Events Get Capacity Exceptions; Restriction On Vaccinators Removed

Nevada Health Response has issued additional guidance for COVID-19 vaccinations, clarifying efforts to expand efforts to provide more vaccinations.

In Monday updates, Nevada Health Response says:

  • * Emergency Medical Services personnel do not need to hold a vaccine endorsement in order to provide the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • * Vaccination events are not subject to capacity limitations.

Officials emphasize that while capacity limits don’t apply, everyone is still required to follow safety protocols including wearing a face covering and social distancing. The number of people at a vaccination event can’t exceed “the number that can be accommodated with proper social distancing.”

The updates further allow the state to proceed with efforts to deliver vaccinations to Nevadans as quickly as possible.

See the updates official updates here:

Vaccine endorsement not required for EMTs

Capacity limit exception


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