Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Nevada Expands Access to New Program to Address Trauma, Suicide and Complex Mental Health Issues

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Nevada has increased access to tools and resources for Medicaid members who are struggling with physical, behavioral and life challenges. A newly added program that offers in-person care teams and virtual supports that are available 24/7, has been expanded to help more members address trauma, suicide risk and complex mental health conditions.

“In Nevada and across the country, we are seeing more people of all ages who are struggling with life challenges, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest,” said Lisa Bogard, President, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Nevada, Medicaid. “Anthem understands that violence, trauma, stress, isolation, financial instability and other adverse social experiences can severely impact health, so we are adding programs and interventions that address disparities and help empower our most vulnerable members to achieve a better quality of life.”

Anthem engaged Mindoula, a population health management company, to pilot a program that offers specialized care for individuals who have been impacted by interpersonal violence, including gang and domestic violence. Through this pilot, Anthem Medicaid members who were dealing with trauma were connected with support teams and innovative technology tools that could help address their needs. Individuals received physical and mental health support as well as help accessing resources such as financial aid, housing, food, education, rehabilitation, employment and transportation.

After a thorough pilot, outcomes demonstrated fewer hospitalizations, reduced emergency room visits and lower pharmacy costs, so Anthem formally adopted the program at the beginning of 2020. Recently, Anthem expanded its collaboration with Mindoula to offer similar supports to more Medicaid members, including adolescents and young adults who are at risk for a suicidal event as well as members with severe mental health needs who also struggle with complex physical health challenges.

“Whether it is through an in-person visit, a phone call, a text messenger chat or virtual check-in with one of Mindoula’s AI-enabled tools, Anthem’s most vulnerable members have the support they need, whenever they need it, to help them overcome difficult life challenges,” said Steve Sidel, Founder and CEO of Mindoula. “Our innovative collaboration with Anthem is a proven model for positively impacting behavior change, improving health outcomes and decreasing Medicaid program costs.”

Through its collaboration with Mindoula, Anthem expects to reduce violence-related injuries and costs of care associated with hospitalizations, emergency room utilization and uncoordinated prescribing. They also expect to increase access to mental health, substance abuse and primary care treatment as well as access to community based services, while closing gaps in care.


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