State Officials Warn Of Fake Unemployment Insurance Websites

April 30, 2020

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Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, by Bailey Schulz

Those looking for unemployment insurance benefits should watch out for illegitimate websites, according to a release from the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.

The only place to file for unemployment online in the state is through, but DETR says websites are cropping up that “appear to look like legitimate government websites.”

“Unfortunately, trying times do not deter scams but breeds invention and offer the opportunity for victimization of residents by scammers. We all must be vigilant and protect ourselves, particularly now,” DETR director Tiffany Tyler-Garner said in the statement released Wednesday.

Tyler-Garner added that DETR will notify filers directly via a message on their claim account, by phone or by mail if the department needs any information regarding their claim. Claimants do not have to pay to file for unemployment.

The Nevada Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection said those filing for unemployment should avoid paying any money to receive stimulus funding amid the coronavirus outbreak. There is no “grant” money, and people will not be asked to pay money — including any processing fees — to receive a stimulus check, according to the statement.

The bureau also suggests that people avoid sharing personal information and access to bank accounts to unauthorized sources and be aware that only scammers will demand they provide personal information such as Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, debit and credit cards or PINs in order to receive stimulus funding.

The bureau also suggests people check their mailboxes frequently to ward off theft and make use of any mailbox locks if a physical stimulus check is expected to arrive in the mail.

Those who believe they may have been victims of a scam may file complaints with the Office of the Nevada Attorney General or the Federal Trade Commission. The Nevada Attorney General’s hotline can also be reached at 888-434-9989.


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