Iowa Democrats Worry ‘Medicare for All’ Hurts Key Industry

December 17, 2019

Kim Motl doesn’t work in the health insurance industry. But her friends and neighbors do. So when she saw Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Motl pressed the Democratic presidential candidate about her “Medicare for All” plan, which would replace private insurance with a government-run system. Read More

Telehealth Doctor Visits May Be Handy, But Aren‘t Cheaper Overall

December 17, 2019

Telehealth takes a lot of forms these days. Virtual visits with a health care provider can take place by video, phone or text, or via the Web or a mobile app. The one commonality: You get to consult a doctor from your home, the office, Starbucks or anywhere with a wifi or mobile connection. Read More

What Would Happen If The ACA Went Away?

December 17, 2019

Any day now, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans could rule the entire Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. At least it seemed that two of the three appeals court judges were leaning that way during oral arguments in the case, State of Texas v. USA, in July. Read More

Breakthrough Made On Surprise Billing Legislation

December 10, 2019

If it pays off, this could be the biggest breakthrough of the year, vis-à-vis medical bills: movers and shakers in both the House and Senate have reached agreement on legislation to tackle surprise medical bills. Read More

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