More States Sue Opioid Maker Alleging Deceptive Marketing

June 4, 2019

California, Hawaii, Maine and the District of Columbia filed lawsuits Monday against the maker of OxyContin and the company’s former president, alleging the firm falsely promoted the drug by downplaying the risk of addiction while it emerged as one of the most widely abused opioids in the U.S. Read More

Prices for Top-Selling Drugs Appear Immune to Common Market Forces: Study

June 4, 2019

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which examined prices for the 49 top-selling drugs between January 2012 and December 2017, found virtually all of them rose in price on a regular basis. The median price among those drugs rose 76% over the time period, and 78% of the drugs in the study saw price hikes of at least 50%. More than 4 of 5 products in the study more than doubled in price.  Read More

Hospitals Accused Of Paying Doctors Large Kickbacks In Quest For Patients

June 4, 2019

For a hospital that had once labored to break even, Wheeling Hospital displayed abnormally deep pockets when recruiting doctors. To lure Dr. Adam Tune, an anesthesiologist from nearby Pittsburgh who specialized in pain management, the Catholic hospital built a clinic for him to run on its campus in Wheeling, W.Va. It paid Tune as much as $1.2 million a year — well above the salaries of 90% of pain management physicians across the nation, the federal government charged in a lawsuit filed this spring. Read More