Blue Shield’s Trims To Out-Of-State Coverage Give Some Californians The Blues

December 11, 2018

Denise Roberts is still coping with complications from a life-threatening bout of Valley Fever three years ago that claimed part of a lung. Roberts, who lives in Doyle, Calif., a tiny rural community near the Nevada border, typically drives to Reno for the care she needs. Specialists in her own state, she said, are too far away. Read More

Editorial: How Newsom, California Should Approach Single-Payer

December 4, 2018

A single-payer health care system may yet prove to be the best alternative for California and the nation. But Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom should make clear that the Legislature shouldn’t waste time on any legislation in 2019 unless it includes a prudent financial plan that makes sense for California consumers, health care providers and business interests. Read More