Newsom Backs Universal Healthcare for Undocumented Immigrants

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who is running for governor, said in an interview released Tuesday that he would like to see the state pay for universal healthcare for all illegal immigrants.

“I did universal healthcare when I was mayor — fully implemented, regardless of pre-existing condition, ability to pay, and regardless of your immigration status,” Newsom told the podcast Pod Save America, referencing his stint as San Francisco’s mayor. “I’d like to see that extended to the rest of the state.

“San Francisco is the only universal healthcare plan for all undocumented residents in America. Very proud of that,” Newsom added, “And we proved it can be done without bankrupting the city.”

Newsom said the effort needs to be led by the “governor’s office” not the state legislature.

“The executive needs to lead it,” said Newsom.

“ObamaCare would not have happened if it was just exclusively a legislative fiat,” he continued. “That said, Nancy Pelosi did a magical job of organizing it, but it required the concerted efforts of the president of the United States.”

Newsom has offered support for a single-payer health care plan, a popular stance with progressives, but has raised concerns about the challenges California would face in moving to such a model.


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