Insurance Commissioner Candidate Statements

Editor’s Comment: Senator Richard Lara, Democrat, is also on the ballot but did not submit a Candidate Statement for the Official Voter Information Guide. Lara is the author of SB 562, the Single Payer bill.

Steve Poizner


From 2007–2011, I served as the California Insurance Commissioner, and am seeking your support for a 2nd term of public service. My Background: I have a proven track record of success in the private sector starting and leading pioneering technology companies for over 35 years in California (e.g. my company SnapTrack invented GPS for mobile phones), and now as the founder of a nonprofit focused on expanding the innovation economy in Southern California. Why run for another term now? Californians face urgent issues: under-insured homeowners exposed to an increasing number of wildfires and floods, ongoing premium increases in health insurance markets, and the growing economic threat of cyber-crime. My record as Insurance Commissioner: We saved drivers and homeowners almost $2 billion in lower insurance rates; recovered $30 million for wildfire victims who were shortchanged by insurance companies; saved taxpayers $17 million by permanently cutting 13% of the budget (that’s a first and without layoffs!); arrested over 2500 people for insurance fraud (a record!); and restored insurance for thousands of innocent consumers after health insurance companies illegally canceled policies. Why I am running as an Independent: The California Insurance Commissioner is a regulator requiring fierce independence from insurance companies and partisan party politics. I pledge to press the Legislature to make this office officially non-partisan, and I will refuse insurance industry contributions to my campaign like I did during my first term. For a report card of my first term in office by the San Jose Mercury News, please see:


Nathalie Hrizi

Nathalie Hrizi | PEACE AND FREEDOM

Healthcare is a right! Abolish health insurance companies. State must create non-profit provider for all required insurance. Vote Hrizi 2018!


Asif Mahmood

Asif Mahmood | DEMOCRATIC

I’ve based my life’s work on a single principle taught to me by my parents: helping others is our highest calling. That’s why I became a doctor, and why I’m running for Insurance Commissioner. I was born and raised in rural Pakistan, where I attended a school that didn’t have a roof let alone chairs or desks. With my teachers’ help, I was the first person in my town to earn the grades to attend medical school and move to the United States. Now as a doctor of internal medicine, I’ve seen my patients’ struggles—ranging from insurance coverage issues, prescription drug issues, in- and out-of-network issues, follow-up issues, and support beyond medical care. I’m proud to say I’ve never asked for reimbursement from any patient who didn’t have insurance. Because of my years of experience, I’m the best person to serve Californians as Insurance Commissioner. In fact, I’ll be the first doctor to ever hold the seat. My first priority will be fixing the state of health insurance. I’ll take on Pharmaceutical companies that are putting profits before people and support Medicare for All. That’s why I refuse to take contributions from insurance companies or pharmaceuticals—because Californians are my constituents, not Big Pharma. As a Muslim immigrant from the state of California—I’m a triple threat to Donald Trump. I’ll be the first Muslim ever elected to statewide office in the country. Let’s send a clear message—it’s time to get tough on hate.



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