Universal Coverage Bills Move Forward, With Questions

April 24, 2018

A bill that would expand health care coverage to undocumented adults has moved forward in the California state Assembly, part of a push by Democratic lawmakers to create universal coverage, after a single-payer bill stalled last year. Read More

4 New Ways You Can Avoid Fines For Not Having Health Insurance

April 24, 2018

There are already more than a dozen reasons people can use to avoid paying the penalty for not having health insurance. Now the federal government has added four more “hardship exemptions” that let people off the hook if they can’t find a marketplace plan that meets not only their coverage needs but also reflects their view if they are opposed to abortion. Read More

Calif. Hospitals Blast New Rate-Setting Proposal for Providers

April 17, 2018

California hospitals are on edge over a bill dropped late Monday that would mandate regulated rate-setting for providers. The measure would use Medicare rates as the benchmark to calculate commercial insurer payments, and would cost state hospitals $18 billion in the first year alone, according to preliminary projections. Read More

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