Sanders Single-Payer Bill Poses Dilemma for 2020 Dem Hopefuls

September 5, 2017

Sanders, who energized liberals with his improbable run at the White House last year, is poised to introduce a long-awaited single-payer bill when Congress returns to Washington this month. The liberal icon insists it's not a litmus test for the Democrats, but he’s actively seeking endorsements. Outside liberal groups are watching closely, with some hinging their own endorsements on a candidate’s support for the Sanders health-care model. Read More

Why One California County Went Surgery Shopping

September 5, 2017

Frustration with sky-high hospital bills and a lack of local competition is common to many employers and consumers across the country after years of industry consolidation. Fed up with wildly different price tags for routine operations, some private employers are steering patients they insure to top-performing providers who offer bargain prices. Santa Barbara County, with about 4,000 employees, is among a handful of public entities to join them. Read More

Paul Ryan Calls Alternative Health-Care Proposal “Intriguing”

September 5, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan said a health-care plan floated by Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana “has got merit and has legs under it.” The comments, in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, are Ryan’s most encouraging words yet for a proposal that grew out of the Senate’s failure to overhaul Obamacare. Read More