Trump to Make ObamaCare Payments for September

The Trump administration will make key ObamaCare payments to insurers in September, though a final decision hasn’t been made about future payments, a White House spokesman said Tuesday.

Insurers have been seeking long-term certainty that they’ll continue to receive the disbursements, known as cost-sharing reduction payments.

The payments compensate insurers for lowering out-of-pocket costs for certain ObamaCare enrollees. However, the administration has been making the payments on a monthly basis.

“We are weighing our options and still evaluating the issues,” a White House spokesman wrote in an email, referring to if the payments would continue beyond September.

Insurers sign contracts to sell plans on next week, and open enrollment for the ObamaCare exchanges is looming, beginning Nov. 1.

The uncertainty around the payments has led some insurers to increase the prices of their health plans.

News of the September payments comes as Trump and Vice President Pence have backed renewed efforts for a last-ditch ObamaCare repeal bill in the Senate.

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