Insurer Will Cover “Bare” Nevada Counties

SilverSummit Healthplan has agreed to fill Nevada’s 14 “bare” counties that were slated to have no insurers on the ObamaCare exchanges next year.

SilverSummit, a subsidiary of Centene, announced the decision at a press conference with Gov. Brian Sandoval (R).

Those 14 rural counties became in danger of having no insurers in 2018 after Anthem announced it wouldn’t sell ObamaCare plans next year in Nevada.

Unless something changes, SilverSummit and Health Plan of Nevada will be the only two companies selling ObamaCare plans in the state next year.

Insurers have pulled out of markets all across the country, citing uncertainty surrounding how the Trump administration would administer ObamaCare.

Insurers are especially concerned about whether the Trump administration will continue funding ObamaCare’s cost-sharing reduction subsidies, which reimburse insurers for giving discounted deductibles and subsidies to low-income patients.

Other insurers have stepped in to fill so-called “bare counties” across the country, except for two: Menominee County in Wisconsin and Paulding County in Ohio.

The deadline for insurers to file rates and plans is Sept. 5, while Sept. 27 is the deadline to sign contracts to participate in the exchanges next year.

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