Senate Republicans Draft Obamacare Repeal Bill Behind Closed Doors

Top Senate Republicans and their staff are plowing ahead with a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare in the hopes of getting legislation on the floor by mid-summer — even if their own GOP colleagues have no idea what the bill will contain.

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A Democrat’s Well-Reasoned SB 562 Slam: “Illegal, Unworkable and Ill-Informed”

I am a lifelong Democrat who has worked for more than a decade to improve the policies and build the coalitions necessary for the success of the Affordable Care Act. Even so, I believe the ACA didn’t go far enough to guarantee universal and affordable health coverage.

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Uncertainty Over Federal Money Could Spur Covered California Rate Hikes

If the federal government does not clarify by mid-August whether it will continue an important health insurance subsidy for consumers next year, California’s state-run exchange will instruct its insurers to sell plans with significantly higher premiums to cover the loss of the money.

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Continuing a dropout trend seen in the Obama years, about 16 percent of consumers who signed up for coverage this year through public health insurance markets had canceled their plans by early spring, the government said Monday.

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GOP Senators Call on Trump Administration to Relax Ban on Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

As the Senate continues to grapple with repealing the Affordable Care Act, 14 Republican senators are pushing the Trump administration to relax a ban on short-term health insurance plans in the interim.

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Proposed California Budget Bill Would Give Medi-Cal Doctors a Raise

California lawmakers introduced legislation Monday that would allow $465 million in higher payments for doctors and dentists who provide publicly funded care.

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Why Doctors’ Offices Could Become Obsolete

A man showing early signs of a heart attack — detected by a bot tracking his heart activity from a sensor on his wrist — is picked up by a self-driving car that checks his vital signs on the way to the hospital. There, his doctors video-conference with a specialist, who assesses his symptoms through a Skype-like screen and recommends a treatment plan.

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High Court Ruling Speeds Up Generic Biotech Drug Approval

A unanimous Supreme Court is speeding up the time for generic biotech drugs to become available to the public in a ruling that means a loss of billions in sales to the makers of original versions.

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Senate GOP Moderates Signal Openness to Ending Medicaid Expansion Funding

Moderate Republican senators from Medicaid expansion states are dropping their opposition to ending the Affordable Care Act's enhanced federal funding for expansion as they embrace the idea of winding down that funding over several years.

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Medi-Cal Patients Flocking to ERs More than Before ACA

Medi-Cal patients are swamping California emergency rooms in greater numbers than they did before the Affordable Care Act took effect, despite predictions that the health law would ease the burden on ERs.

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