Word & Brown General Agency Quote Integrates With CaliforniaChoice Online Enrollment

Word & Brown General Agency announced today it has integrated its online quoting engine, WBQuote, with the CaliforniaChoice online enrollment platform to offer brokers a more efficient enrollment process.

The integration allows brokers to quote CaliforniaChoice at www.wordandbrown.com/quote and then move into the enrollment phase with the click of a button. Information from WBQuote automatically initiates and populates an online enrollment at www.calchoice.com, eliminating the need for brokers to re-enter group census and health benefit information during the online enrollment process. The new feature creates a more seamless online experience for brokers, their group clients, and enrolling employees.

“Technology is changing in the small group marketplace and brokers need to embrace it to compete,” said Marc McGinnis, vice president of national sales at Word & Brown. “This integration combines Word & Brown’s powerful quote technology and the efficiency of the CaliforniaChoice online enrollment platform.”

“Ron Goldstein, president and CEO of CHOICE Administrators, adds, “Using technology to further streamline the quote and enrollment process is just the next step in how brokers must learn to serve their clients in a technology-driven world.”

When implemented effectively, online enrollment makes benefits administration easier and faster for employers, enrollees, and the brokers serving them by automating data collection and management from the beginning. It provides a system that reduces paperwork, ensures compliance with Affordable Care Act rules, and reduces costs. It also provides brokers and clients with streamlined access to available plan and benefit options for review, comparison, selection, and authorization.

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