New Mobile ID Card from Word & Brown General Agency Allows Employees with New Insurance to See the Doctor Sooner

Word & Brown General Agency has launched a new mobile ID card app designed to help brokers service their small and large group clients. MedID aims to provide a solution to employees who have just received new health insurance, but have to wait up to two weeks for their health insurance ID card to be delivered. Employees can now show their mobile ID card to see the doctor, even before their permanent ID card arrives.

“We are excited to offer brokers the ability to provide a secure, easy way for insured employees and their loved ones to access their medical ID Card on their phone soon after their group’s coverage is approved,” said Jessica Word, president of the Word & Brown General Agency. “The app will provide employees with a means to see their doctor without having yet received their permanent ID card.”

Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, and Health Net are all participating in our California launch of MedID and we hope to add more carriers in 2017.

Once a group’s coverage is approved by their insurance company, employees can download the MedID app and register with their first and last name, home ZIP Code and date of birth. After adding their email address, they’re asked to create a password. That’s all it takes to get a medical ID Card on their phone.

Insured family members can use the app to add their medical ID Cards to their smartphones, too. It’s a much more convenient way to keep important health ID cards nearby than carrying around separate cards. Plus, it meets the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), so all employee and dependent health information is secure.

MedID is an exclusive service of Word & Brown available only to brokers and their groups with health insurance through the Word & Brown General Agency. Employers who want to offer MedID to their employees are encouraged to talk with their insurance representative. Brokers not already doing business with Word & Brown who want to offer MedID to their groups should contact one of the five regional Word & Brown offices in California or go online to

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