11.7 Million Uninsured Eligible for Medicaid , Tax Credits Under ACA

Kaiser Family Foundation estimated about 11.7 million of Americans who remain uninsured qualify for Medicaid or tax credits to purchase insurance through their state’s Affordable Care Act exchange.

In 2016, KFF estimated approximately 27 million nonelderly people lacked health coverage in the U.S. According to KFF’s recent analysis, about 43 percent of that population, or 11.7 million people, is eligible for financial assistance to gain coverage through either Medicaid or subsidized marketplace coverage.

For the analysis, KFF used data from the 2016 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement.

Here are four findings.

1. About 3.8 million uninsured adults are eligible for Medicaid and 2.6 million children are eligible for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

2. About 5.3 million uninsured adults qualify for premium tax credits to purchase coverage through the government marketplaces.

3. About one in 10 uninsured people, or 2.6 million, falls into the coverage gap due to their state’s decision not to expand its Medicaid program.

4. About 20 percent of the uninsured population are undocumented immigrants who are ineligible for ACA coverage under federal law.

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