Renewals For Covered California May Save Enrollees Money

It’s renewal time for participants in California’s health insurance exchange, which may mean cost savings for some consumers — but finding those savings can be complicated.

The state says 80 percent of enrollees in Covered California are either eligible for cheaper coverage or will not see a rate increase of more than five percent this year.

James Scullary with Covered California says the most affordable plan changes from year to year.

“People really do need to shop around and shopping matters,” Scullary says. “Just as you do with anything else in your life. Make sure you know what your options are. Make sure you know the best value for you and your family.”

Although that’s easier said than done. The health care system is confusing enough for most consumers and language barriers often get in the way too.

Last year, 14 percent of renewing consumers changed their coverage.

This year, they have until Dec. 15 to pick a new plan or their existing plans will be automatically renewed.

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