NVHCA Pushing for Legislative Study to Review State Funding Formula, Improve Health Outcomes for Nevada’s Senior Citizens

Daniel Mathis, president and CEO of the Nevada Health Care Association (NVHCA), is urging state lawmakers to approve an interim legislative study that could improve funding and care provided by Nevada’s nursing homes and related facilities.

Mathis said NVHCA and other industry groups are lobbying lawmakers to pass AB242. Originating with the Legislative Committee on Senior Citizens, Veterans and Adults with Special Needs, and sponsored in the Nevada Legislature by the Assembly Committee on Health and Human Services, AB242 requires the Legislative Commission to appoint a subcommittee to conduct a study relating to post-acute care in Nevada. The study would include alternatives to institutionalization, the cost savings of home and community-based waiver programs, the impact of post-acute care services on the quality of life of a person receiving these services and a review of the state and national quality measures and funding methods for post-acute care.

“The study is quite comprehensive, and it’s a positive move in improving care in the state,” Mathis said. “Importantly, it reviews state and federal funding for post-acute care, including the funding formula used in the state. This is critical to improving quality measurements and the overall level of care in Nevada.”

The bill passed the Nevada Assembly unanimously (42-0) on April 23. The state Senate has since referred it to the Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections. Mathis remains hopeful that the bill will pass the Senate before the Legislature is scheduled to conclude on June 1 and then be signed into law by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval.

He is encouraging NVHCA members, supporters, patients and the public to contact their lawmakers in support of AB242.

About the Nevada Health Care Association

The Nevada Health Care Association (NVHCA), a member of the American Health Care Association, is a non-profit organization established in 1974 as the Nevada Association of Health Facilities (NVAHF). Under the divisional structure NVAHF established in 2014 NVHCA continues to represent Skilled Nursing Facilities while new divisions include the Nevada Assisted Living Centers (NVALC), the Nevada Speech Language Hearing Association (NSHA) and the Nevada Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (NALPN). Its mission is to provide leadership and support and to advocate for its members while working with them to improve the quality of care in Nevada’s post-acute community, which includes skilled nursing and related care facilities. For more information, visit NVHCA.org.

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