Nevada Health Exchange Enrollment Continues Climbing

Nearly 80 percent of Nevadans who selected a qualified health plan through the state exchange paid for the insurance this month, officials said.

The enrollment update was announced during the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange’s board meeting Wednesday afternoon.

A total of 73,596 Nevada residents had selected an insurance plan through the Nevada health exchange as of Feb. 22, according to an enrollment report released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE).

Insurance plans that went into effect after consumers paid their premiums jumped from 35,240 in January to 59,248 in March. That number dipped slightly to 58,459 in April, which officials said might be because of a reporting lag.

Cari Eaton, finance officer for the exchange, called the effectuated enrollment numbers “great news for Nevadans.”

Last year, about 32,000 Nevadans received insurance through the exchange marketplace.

Other noteworthy enrollment snapshots provided by the ASPE report:

• Eighty-nine percent of Nevada residents who selected health insurance plans through the exchange marketplace received financial assistance.

• The average monthly federal tax credit was $242 for Nevadans who selected health insurance plans through the exchange marketplace this year. That made the average monthly premium $119 after the tax credit.

• Of the Nevadans who selected health insurance plans, 22 percent were age 25 or younger; 51 percent were age 26 to 54; and 27 percent were age 55 or older.

This year’s open enrollment period for government-subsidized health insurance ended Feb. 15, but a special enrollment period for select consumers runs through April 30.

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