50% Cuts in Payments to Medi-Cal Doctors Threaten Access to Care

January 6, 2015

Just as millions of people are gaining insurance through Medicaid, the program is poised to make deep cuts in payments to many doctors, prompting some physicians and consumer advocates to warn that the reductions could make it more difficult for Medicaid patients to obtain care. Read More

Drug Pricing Concerns? Not at Gilead

January 6, 2015

After drug pricing concerns weighed on Gilead Sciences' stock toward the end of December, the drugmaker has kicked off 2015 the same way it did the previous two years: by increasing prices on several products. Read More

Some Businesses Use Part-Time to Meet Health Law

January 6, 2015

Many businesses in low-wage industries have hired more part-time workers and cut the hours of full-timers recently to soften the impact of new health law requirements that take effect Thursday, some consultants say. Read More

State Legislature Reconvenes

January 6, 2015

The state Senate and Assembly reconvene on Monday in Sacramento. Both houses have new leadership and the makeup of both health committees also has changed. Read More

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