ACA/Health Reform Posts

Millennials’ Uninsured Rate Soars

May 16, 2019

The percentage of Millennials who lack major medical coverage may have soared since 2016. Analysts from the Transamerica Center for Health Studies are reporting new survey results that show loss of Medicaid coverage and individual major medical coverage has wiped out increased use of group health coverage. Read More

House Dems Look to Strengthen Public Exchanges

May 14, 2019

House Democratic leaders are planning to use H.R. 987 — an Affordable Care Act (ACA) public exchange marketing funding bill — as a train engine for pulling many other health insurance bills to the House floor. Read More

Health Industry to Clash Over Surprise Medical Bills

May 14, 2019

Three powerful players in the health care industry are gearing up for battle over surprise medical bills. Doctors, hospitals and insurers have all pledged to protect patients from being hit with massive, unexpected bills for out-of-network care, but no one wants to take on the added costs that come with it. Read More

Health Plans Improve on Coverage, Benefits but Lag On Costs, Member Expectations

May 14, 2019

Consumers want more information about healthcare costs and alternative options for receiving care. Providers and payers are already moving in that direction with expanded access to and coverage of telehealth. Efforts like Aetna's app for Apple Watch — which reminds users to fill prescriptions, get wellness checkups and immunizations and informs them of lower-cost options for lab tests and imaging — could increase satisfaction, giving people more control over their health and helping to reduce out-of-pocket spend. Read More