ACA/Health Reform Posts

How Personal Will Facebook’s Health App Get?

January 23, 2020

Facebook is getting into the health care game. For now, Facebook Preventative Health is keeping it simple and relatively unthreatening. Users must opt into the feature and in return they get push notifications suggesting they engage in various preventative health measures, such as an annual physical or a flu shot. Read More

Insurers Deal More Blows To Medicare For All

January 21, 2020

Health insurance companies are already reporting unprecedented growth in signing up seniors to their Medicare plans for 2020, which is bad news for certain Democrats pushing single payer versions of “Medicare for All.” Read More

Study Finds Single-Payer Health Care Plan Saves Money

January 21, 2020

As Democratic candidates propose a spectrum of health care options on the debate stage, the Medicare for all plan floated by progressive candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders offers a utopian vision of health care in America: universal coverage with no premiums or co-pays. But what about the costs? Read More

Supreme Court Will Review Decision on State PBM Price Regulation

January 21, 2020

The Supreme Court will be reviewing a decision by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals that held that the Employee Retirement Income Security Act restricts states’ ability to regulate how pharmacy benefit managers set drug prices charged to pharmacies and by extension to consumers. Read More